Create A Nurturing Routine That Transitions Baby From Their Womb Home To Their World Home With Ease

Get ready to welcome baby into your world with a plan that gives you confidence, clarity and time to be smitten with their tiny adorable... everything :)

Hi, I'm Geraldine

Mums say that I'm the calm voice of reassurance when breastfeeding chaos reigns your life.

I'm not your typical breastfeeding specialist. I have a curious mind and see what others don't, allowing me to bring a fresh perspective to breastfeeding, simplifying it and making it achievable for more mums.

I’m an independent internationally recognised breastfeeding specialist with a global client base, published author, co-owner of Miskin Maternity and I hands down think I have the BEST job in the world.

I’ve dedicated my 28 year career to enable 1000's mothers around the world, create bespoke breastfeeding solutions, inspire inner confidence and a deep sense of self-belief in their body and their baby, using my signature framework. I’m excited to help you get prepared, so that you get results quickly when they matter most.

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